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A new experience that changes one’s life

Even who first takes part in, he/she is really struck by the spirit of this association like a latent virus in our body that we can’t stop. We are talking of ACS “Cooperatori in erba” of the Secondary School “P. Soprani” in Castelfidardo. It isn’t a simple school laboratory but a large group like a big family. It was born last year, at the BCC of Filottrano and the National Agency for Local School Development’s suggestion, from a naturalistic interest and it has expanded into scientific-technologic and social sector since this year.
During these first month’s work we have made several things such as lip glosses, creams, bath, bombs, bags of lavender, scientific tools, cane baskets, with contribution from the High School “IT IS Meucci” and the social-educational Arcobaleno centre.
It was a great experience that of collaborating with differently abled people and the structure workers. On the occasion of December school colloquies we sold the products and the money raised will be donated most to charity. Mostly cooperative ideals have been in sharing the Epiphany holiday with the Follereau group at Colle Ameno.We have been invited to cheer up the afternoon of those kids, differently able but with a big heart, with games, songs, jokes and presents. We can say it has been a real success.

Sara Ciarletta
Alessandro Crescini
Elena D’Oria